Shaftesbury Theatre Seating Plan

The Shaftesbury Theatre is a larger venue with room for 1,400 people across three tiers, the stalls, royal circle and grand circle. The stalls incorporate rows BB to X, which are anywhere between 1 and 35 seats wide. The royal circle covers rows A to M, at most 35 seats wide and 3 seats wide at the narowest. And the grand circle includes rows A to J, anywhere between 3 and 35 seats wide.

The best seats in the stalls, although not always the most expensive – look for those in the centre of each row, not too close to the stage. And row M has more legroom than average as well as being on the walkway, well worth having!

The royal circle provides decent views unless you’re short, with row A the main offender. And E19-22 have good views but very little legroom.

The grand circle is fairly high up, with a safety rail obscuring views in the front rows and side seats. In general the centres of each row offer the best experience and D18, 22 and 23 are rumoured to be the best in this tier.

The boxes, in both the royal and grand circle, have side angle views although A and E are reasonable. There are 22 steps down to the stalls, the royal circle is level with the foyer and there are more than 60 steps up to the grand circle.